Expert Services

Based in Las Vegas/Henderson, Nevada, Burns & Associates, Inc. is a security and police expert consulting firm offering services in a variety of disciplines and litigation areas. Issues involved typically include crime foreseeability; standards of care; policies, practices and procedures; actions of security, police and corrections personnel; use-of-force issues; adequacy of security; and proximate cause. The firm’s principal, Tommy Burns, has more than 34 years of experience, and the firm provides expert witness and consulting services.

Clients are provided identification of critical assets, threats, risks and vulnerabilities; an independent audit or survey of current security measures; and security program development. Read on further to learn more about specific security areas, including forensic security and expert witness services for litigation.


  • Gaming/Casinos
  • Restaurant
  • Hotel/Motel
  • Nightclub/Tavern
  • Tourist Issues


  • Stores
  • Shopping Centers
  • Malls
  • Convenience Stores
  • Grocery Stores

Parking Lots/Garages

  • All related venues


Mr. Burns is a law enforcement and security expert handling both plaintiff and defense cases in premises security liability and intentional tort (shoplifting, detention/false arrest and  use of force). He is also experienced in cases involving robbery, rape, homicide, wrongful death, assault and battery, excessive force, and inadequate security due to training, supervision, hiring and retention. Expert witness services include:

  • Reports, deposition and trial testimony
  • Trial preparation and strategy
  • Design of courtroom graphics
  • Evidence and case evaluations
  • Case Consultation

Mr. Burns has been accepted as an expert witness in Clark County, Nevada, Eighth Judicial District, California Superior Court, Los Angeles County, and  Arizona Superior Court, Maricopa County


Forensic security services involve an incident or litigation investigation to include evidence retention, witness interviewing and assessment, photography and video documentation, historical research and notice issues.


Law enforcement consulting and expert testimony services include:

  • Use of Force
  • Lethal and Less Lethal Force / Weaponry
  • Police Policies and Procedures
  • Traffic and Accident Management
  • Arrest & Control Tactics
  • High Risk Intervention Tactics
  • Searches & Seizures
  • Warrant Service
  • Vehicle Pursuits
  • Officer Misconduct
  • Evidence Collection & Preservation
  • Internal Affairs
  • Administrative Incident Review
  • Covert & Non-Covert Investigations
  • Training Standards
  • Use of Informants
  • Threat Management
  • Crime Prevention
  • Hiring, Supervision & Retention of Personnel
  • Corrections and Jail Practices-Procedures


Some of Burns & Associates’ other areas of security management and consulting expertise include standards and practices relating to workplace violence, employee screening and supervision, and violent third-party crime incidents. Additionally, Security Conduct, Operational Policies, Standards & Procedures, Licensing Requirements and Unlicensed Practices involving Private Patrol Companies, Private Investigators, Security Consultants, Contract and In-House Security Officers, Retail Loss Prevention Agents, Bouncers, Bodyguards, Security Expert Witnesses, and other security related personnel.

Premises Security Adequacy & Negligence, Building & Site Design for Security, Security and Crime Prevention Standards and Practices in Apartments, Hotels, Bars, Nightclubs, Casinos, Retail, Parking and Special Use Facilities, Security Related Employment Practices, Crime Foreseeability, Security of sensitive personal and business records.

To learn more, please Contact Tommy Burns.